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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Week 10 Reflection

It is so hard to believe that such amazing come to an end so quick.  It is incredible to say or imagine the tremendous work everyone has been doing. I may need a lot of time to really evaluate this experience that we have been going through.
I would like to thank everyone that has been investing their time and effort for the sake of these superb elite of global educators who whose cancers have always been the satisfaction of their students. These educators would be so happy when their learners are in high spirits for their achievement. Also, these instructors would be sad when these apprentices articulate a kind of frustration meet along their learning journey

I would like to express our gratitude to all supervisors and colleagues. I would like to thank them all. Despite their personal, family, and work arrangements, they have been able to fulfill all the requirements. Even though, some colleagues have quitted the experience for somehow their personal constraints. We were 30 participants, and we almost ended with 25 participants.
All the past posts have revolving around what we have learned and how we are going to put it into practice. I will continue exploring and leading my students to realize effective learning, and I wish to affect them all in order to gain something that would be practical in their life, communities, and surroundings.

Please, do keep the learning spirit continue…    

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Week 10 TASK: Evaluate your Use of Technology

I have read State of Washington:
“Tiers of Technology Integration and University of Southern Florida”
“The Technology Integration Matrix”

I come to the conclusion that there are many ways to put what I have learned into practice. There would be no excuse for me not to use technology successfully in my classroom.
I have learned a great deal of tools and applications that I should tune to use in my classroom. There are plenty of styles and techniques to be used.
I will continue designing courses for my students. I will try to create a database for my lessons   starting from the ready lesson plans that I have already designed. I will continue writing sets of exercises and activities to meet my students’ needs and satisfaction.
Also, my classroom will be having proactive presentations to make students fully engaged effectively in their learning tasks. I will try to connect reluctant students to contribute in project work, while using technology efficiently
Students will be guided and trained to use the online resources and opportunities to have a multiple effects on their knowledge and abilities. Students will be using blogs to improve their writing. They will also use email to make better their communication skills.  I will improve the links and the content I have already generated.

Week 10 DISCUSSION: Advice to Future Participants

From the beginning, I would like you to seize this opportunity that you have been granted to take this course online. Believe me, you will never regret this.  It is an educational journey that you are on the point of embarking on. You need to secure your belt, and book sometimes for your studies.

You need to read all the course instructions at the beginning so as not to lose some scores deliberately. You need to see the scoring procedures and time to post your answers. Bear in mind, that you need to do some reading before writing your posts. Do them seriously if you want to have full credits.

It is a quite exciting course. Every week, there will be some startling discoveries. I am sure you would be so grateful throughout the course if you care for professional development, and your student's need to engage them practically in meaningful and rewarding learning experiences.

If possible try to read all your classmates' posts to boost your learning outcomes. While writing this post, I am thinking of being granted another opportunity to take another course online. My learning experiences started in Oregon University in 2005 by taking a remarkable   course about “Critical Thinking”. I do not want this course to be the last one. These kinds of courses change positively our courses' delivery and enhance our students' talents. I would like to thank all the moderators, especially Courtney, and I would like to thank all colleagues <ho have inspired us and have provided a lot of fuels to keep learning and will continue learning.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Reactions 1 in week 9

Reactions 1 in week 9

I like what Anar Bayarsaikhan has said in her post: “In short, it's always good to reflect back on our teaching and it's also important for students to ask for help from the instructor if there is any gap between the teaching and learning.”
This is interesting, but it can be done only by active and much good interested students who visualize the importance and effectiveness of studying. These kinds of students would like to make a difference in their studies. They do not wait for the teacher’s to tell them. They are always coming up by innovative suggestions. They usually take risks and take their teachers by surprise.
In fact some nowadays students are technology native born, they are always using technology every moment of their life for to learning, amusement, and resting…
We have learned a lot from reading your post and comments. Then, after all, technology is innovative to be used in the classroom to boost and maximize learning opportunities, wherever it is used and implemented. It is also a practical way to assure that the pre-planned goals and objectives are successfully met while delivering instruction. However, cannot we say that despite its innovation and integrating all skills, it contributes to the decline of the students' mental ability use? It would make more students more passive and reluctant to respond to the practicality of technology?

Week 9 Reflection

This week has an exceptional one for the great and wonderful thoughts that have been communicated by all the participants. I have learned quite much form the various posts I have been reading in week 9 discussion, animated by Russell Moon about “learning styles/multiple intelligences and how these can be catered to through technology.”  It has been always to be exposed to stimulating aspects of English learning and teaching across various subjects, owing to the assortment of participants in the course.
In addition, this week has been so magnificent for the various projects reports that have been published. It has been an opportunity to read some of them and compare my own project to them. I have seen how excelled I have been working, and see the particular points I have to put into effect in future technology implementation to better engage my students and communicate the same procedures to my friends. I have already thought of giving a workshop to cascade the information. The title would be “We have no longer an excuse for not putting technology into action in your classroom”. The abstract could be an invitation to participant to reflect about their ways to use technology to pinpoint their problems. After that there would be a sharing of useful applications and websites. It is indicating some tools to engage students fully in the process of learning, vis-à-vis the learners’ styles.     

Monday, December 1, 2014

Discussion Week 9

It is really interesting topic talking about learning styles. Not all students are using the same strategies to learn a given topic. Therefore teachers are invited to cater for a variety of styles to assure that the maximum of learning is taking place.  In the same lesson, first a teacher needs to provide visuals, such as pictures, movies or posters. Second, a teacher need to provide audio part, either his or her voice or bringing materials that would suit the purpose to cater for the auditory learners. Third, there is a necessity for something to be touched as handout, books, or documents that a learner can make use of. There is a need that that a learner should voice what he or she has been learning. 

I think technology would serve perfectly the classroom prerequisite. The countless tools that we have been exposed to along this course are outstanding and practical once we will have mastered their utilization. In fact there are many tools and applications, but we need to be careful in choosing the suitable tool for to satisfy the need and curiosity of our students.   Howard GARDNER’S theory of multiple intelligences emphasis on how can teachers “integrates educational theories, teaching strategies, and other pedagogic tools in meaningful and useful ways to better address the needs of students.”

“Learning styles and strategies” differentiates between active and reflecting learners. It is so enlightening to read about way and techniques that “sensing learning help themselves “.  There are comprehensive situations that a learner should adopt and adapt, being a sequential, or being a visual and verbal learner, or being a global learner.